The technology of pellet and wood stoves
our specialty!


At Chaleur Durable we have been bitten by the cooking bug and we like to barbecue over a wood pellet flame!

We carry a full selection of Traeger barbecues.

A TRAEGER BBQ has all the advantages of a gas barbecue - with the flavour of real wood! In addition to their absolutely innovative design, these appliances, using their ingenious way of cooking, can smoke and grill meat without burning the flesh.

As soon as you turn the appliance on, a heating element is activated for about four minutes which then ignites the pellets in the combustion chamber.

A feeding line then transports pellets from their holding box directly to the combustion chamber. With help from a ventilation fan, it acts as a mini hearth.

The heat and smoke from the wood surrounds whatever is cooking, giving it a delicious smokey taste.

With Traeger products you will have amazing barbecues in your own backyard. Several different types of pellets are available… you are only limited by your imagination.

Pizza oven 


In just a few years, the Ooni line of portable pizza ovens has become incredibly popular around the world. It continues to garner positive reviews, awards and press coverage for its ingenious innovations. With an ever-growing and loyal international customer base, it is one of the fastest growing kitchen appliance brands in recent years. With the addition of a host of new products and accessories, Ooni ovens now offer appliances for every occasion.


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Wood-fired oven

Combination stove/heater:

With its sturdy oven and top-of-the-stove cooking features, the wood-fired oven is perfect for remote locations, or anywhere wood is the preferred power source.

Enjoy the ability to cook a roast, pizza or bread, and the added benefit of a primary heat source in spacious living areas.

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The BOL allows you to cook a la plancha on a real wood fire. Its 40 '' carbide steel cooking surface will bring family and friends together in a friendly atmosphere.

Whether you use the ½ ”griddle to grill fish and vegetables or the center grid to perfect a steak, LE BOL offers you versatility that will even cover dessert!

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