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Wood Stove Inserts/Fireplaces

An insert or built-in appliance has its own enclosure and must be installed in a custom-made brick or stone frame. Heat spreads through the room by radiation.

Do you have a masonry fireplace that you love, but would like it to be more efficient? We have wood-burning inserts that will give you the warmth you are looking for without changing the appearance of your fireplace. With a simple adjustment, you will get a clean burning fire that can radiate intense heat with a minimal amount of work and wood.

Chaleur Durable has a variety of high performance fireplaces and inserts, available in different sizes and models. They are efficient, clean burning and release very low emissions, respecting the environmental standards set by the E.P.A. We encourage solid combustion, meaning the use of wood. Whether for logs or pellets, we have a built-in unit that can meet your needs, design tastes and requirements. 

Wood, an economical, ecological and local solution

Are you looking for a high-performance space heater that will efficiently warm your living areas? Or do you mainly want to enjoy the inviting atmosphere of a fireplace? The range of products available on the market is vast, and by identifying your real needs, Sustainable Heat will be able to present you with the models best suited to your needs.

Wood Stove Inserts/Fireplaces Saint-André-Avellin

Nothing can replace the enveloping warmth of a real wood fire. A wood fire provides a special form of heat that penetrates and soothes.

Think of the beauty and comfort of a magnificent fire burning in the hearth: you can warmly welcome your loved ones with the smell and crackle of wood, or display your collection of keepsakes on the elegant mantel of the fireplace.

These are the advantages of a Durable Heat fireplace.

Wood Stove Inserts/Fireplaces Saint-André-Avellin

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