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Located in Saint-André-Avellin, in the Papineau MRC, Chaleur Durable can handle sales and installation services for any of your wood stove needs.

We work with the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

A little bit about wood stoves

Chaleur Durable sells and installs wood stoves, a type of appliance that offers optimal heating performance. You can use these units to heat a part of your home (apartment, living room, etc.), or they can also function to control and maintain the same temperature across all rooms. Available in several different models, wood stoves distinguish themselves from other types of heating appliances because of how easy they are to use. From the moment you meet our staff, to purchasing an appliance, through to installation, our specialists will be by your side providing professional service.

« Wood stoves are a proven and reliable technology »

If you want to buy a particular model of wood stove and you live in the Buckingham area, you've come to the right place. Chaleur Durable is the company for you! Our services also include chimney inspections and sweeping. From frequency of use, to design and power… nothing is left to chance. We pay close attention to all your requirements and can recommend the equipment that best suits your needs.

« Wood stoves can guarantee your warmth and comfort »

 Vente/ installation poêle à bois Saint-André-Avellin

Wood stoves:

  • are economical
  • are an excellent source of heat
  • are visually pleasing and well-designed
  • use environmentally friendly fuel (wood)

To purchase and install a wood stove, contact us.

Chaleur Durable

3 rue Principale, Suite 80,

Saint-André-Avellin J0V 1W0

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