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Located in Saint-André-Avellin, in the Papineau MRC, Chaleur Durable specializes in selling pellet stoves.

We sell different types of pellet stoves

Chaleur Durable specializes in selling and installing pellet stoves, a type of heating system that, as the name suggests, uses pellets. It is an automatic appliance that can be adjusted to suit your particular needs and comfort level. A pellet stove can maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home. Very easy to use, this device will handle heating all year long. By choosing a pellet stove, you are getting a powerful and reliable heating appliance.

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Pellet stoves are practical and efficient

Chaleur Durable has a wide selection of pellet stoves. Using this type of heating appliance is generally quite simple. The wood pellets act as fuel and are fed into a pellet reservoir. Next, an electric element lights the fire. Finally, a mechanism allows the necessary air to flow through the unit. By opting for this type of heating system, you will be warm and comfortable.

« A wide selection of pellet stoves »

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Advantages of the pellet stove:

  • Strong
  • Ecological
  • Economical
  • Sustainable

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