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At Chaleur Durable we offer personalized delivery services. Our staff will deliver bags full of pellets to your home or to the location of your choice!

Our partner in this field: http://www.lauzonwoodpellets.com/

Pellets make excellent fuel

Chaleur Durable sells and delivers pellets for personal home use, for businesses and various industries. Pellets are sticks that are used for heating. Manufactured from sawdust and wood chips, these pellets serve as the main fuel source for boilers and stoves. Our pellets will meet all your expectations for heating effectively and efficiency.

« The ideal energy source for heating your home or building »

 Livraison et vente granules Saint-André-Avellin

Excellent quality pellets

Chaleur Durable sells and delivers high-quality pellets. We support the use of pellets from Lauzon Bois Énergétique Recyclé Inc., a local company in the Papineau MRC. Their pellets are 100% made using Nordic hardwood in North America. From the moment you place an order to the time of delivery, we are the professionals you need.

« The pellets we supply only emit a small amount of CO2 »

About pellets:

  • Not hazardous to the environment
  • Unlimited fuel source
  • Do not contain any toxic components

Don’t hesitate to contact us for pellet delivery.

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