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Chimney Inspections & Sweeping

Chaleur Durable can handle all chimney inspections and sweeping in Saint-André-Avellin, through the Papineau MRC as well as Petite Nation.

Individuals, businesses and various industries in Buckingham also trust our quality services.

We are WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certified and members of the APC (Quebec’s association for heating professionals).

As part of each chimney sweep, we issue a chimney sweep certificate for your insurance needs.

If necessary, we can also do a camera inspection.

Chimney inspections and sweeping, a preventive measure

Chaleur Durable has established expertise in chimney inspections and sweeping. It is important to note that chimney sweeping must be done at least once a year. This procedure is essential for reducing the risk of fire caused by creosote build-up. We clean and clear any soot, branches, bird nests and other debris.

« A perfectly clean chimney is ready to welcome the winter season »

One company to handle both your chimney inspections and sweeping

Chaleur Durable specializes in both chimney inspections and sweeping. These procedures can prevent fires and limit the emission of toxic gases into your home. Our job is to brush your chimney to remove any residue that can cause a blockage or clog. Since heating is at the heart of our business, we can also include the sale and delivery of pellets in our services.

« We completely clean your chimney »

Cheminée, Inspection & ramonage Saint-André-Avellin

The stages of chimney inspection and chimney sweeping:

1. Roll-out the red carpet

2. Place a protective layer over the floor in the work area

3. Clean and vacuum any ash from the unit

4. Visually inspect for cracks or damage

5. Perform the chimney sweep using a rotating system and flexible rods

6. Vacuum the ashes once again

7. Inspect using a video camera (if necessary)

8. Pick up the red carpet, tools and any accessories

9. Give the client a full report from the visual inspectionx

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